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Developed for #gbjam3

Galaticus is a fast paced pipe shooter, inspired by the Konami shoot'em up Gyruss. Your goal is to survive through each quadrant, filled with groups of enemies, once all enemies are gone, you can travel to the next quadrant.

You have two game modes:
  • Normal Mode: Play through 21 pre-made levels, introducing all the different enemies in progressing difficulty.
  • Random Mode: The amount of enemies increases on each level. Aside from that, literally anything goes. Play for as long as you can survive.

TIP: If you spot anything that doesn't move, it's a bonus item. Best to collect it if you want either extra lives or extra points.

Controls - Keyboard/Gamepad
D-Pad: WASD or Directional Keys / DPad or Left Analog Stick - Navigate, Move Sideways (Left/Right), Move Forward/Backwards (Up/Down)
A: J Key / A Button - Select, Fire Forwards
B: K Key / B Button - Fire Sidways
Start: Enter / Start Button - Select, Pause
Select: Space / Back Button - Grid Visibility
Press F / Trigger Buttons at any time to toggle full screen.

PlatformsWindows, Flash
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
TagsArcade, galactic, galaticus, quadrant, random, Retro, Shoot 'Em Up, Space, tube


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