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Developed for #gbjam, which you can vote for it here.
I was in Ireland for the majority of the period gbjam was running, so I figured I'd try and produce an Irish themed game. That is why you control a Red Deer, and you are fighting against other animals mad at you in an Irish Pub. Fight your way from both sides, dodging the stuff they throw at you and to punch them down before they have a chance to punch you!
Controls - Keyboard/Gamepad
The buttons follow a similar keyboard/gamepad layout as my last #gbjam entry, Galaticus. Therefore, only the descriptions of the keys have been changed.
D-Pad: *WASD or Directional Keys / DPad or Left Analog Stick* - Navigate, Combine with A to Attack (Left/Right), Crouch (Down)
A: *J Key / A Button* - Combine with Directional Keys to Attack
B: *K Key / B Button* - Drink
Start: *Enter / Start Button* - Select, Pause
Press F / Trigger Buttons at any time to toggle full screen.


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