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What we have here are a set of common procedural noise algorithms written in the Haxe programming language.

The demo (running in HaxeFlixel) demonstrates the classes, allowing you to modify the parameters and even changing the range of values to show what results you get from a full gradient (0-255) or a basic world colour strip.

The classes that implement these algorithms use only the common Haxe members and functions found in the Haxe Compiler 3.1.3, this way there are no external dependencies required to use these classes in your projects.

While each algorithm has different parameters to input and modify (found by moving the mouse cursor to the top-right of the screen), each class has functions to generate either a 2D array of float values [0,1], a 2D array of int values (with an input parameter with how many levels you want in the final array [1,NumLevels-1]) or a string converted from a 2D int array.

Source Code: https://github.com/gamepopper/HaxeNoise-Demo/

These are the procedural classes:

  • HxMidpointDisplacement

  • HxValueNoise

Value Noise

  • HxWorleyNoise

  • HxPrimMaze