A downloadable game

This was a clone I made during the Sunday that Flappy Bird was taken down and the #FlappyJam was announced.

I had no intention of putting it up online, only showing it to a few friends to show them how easy the game is to make, however I've decided to upload this game for feedback and interest.

This was made based mostly on short play throughs of the original, as well as screenshots for visual references.

What makes it unique from the original?

  • Custom Bird Animation: No sprite sheet animations, a proper flapping wing!
  • Level gets faster the longer you last.
  • Transitioning Backgrounds
  • Touch, Mouse Click and Keyboard controls.

Install instructions

Make sure you have the latest Java Runtime Enviroment Installed.

Extract the zip folder, you'll find a runnable jar file and a folder with all the assets in. Double click the jar file and play away!

Keyboard controls:

  • Space - Play/Flap Wings
  • M - Mute
  • Enter/Escape - Return to Menu
  • P - Pause


TappyBird.zip 20 MB