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Wanted to try the game on Windows 10 Home but got "

Error in Init(): 4" when trying to run the .exe in the original zip and when trying the PostJam version Windows complains that the .zip in invalid and cannot be opened.

Sorry about that, I've repackaged the PostJam build so it can be extracted now.

The error message from the original version tells me that the render target is failing to be created for some reason. Does your machine's GPU support OpenGL 4.5 by any chance?

Thanks for checking it out! I confirm that the PostJam version works now.

I checked and that indeed seems to be the problem. my GPU does not support OpenGL 4.X. Thanks for checking it out and replying quickly!

No problem, I've updated the PostJam build to support lower versions of OpenGL. Shouldn't have much effect on the games since the shaders support OpenGL 3.3 at the latest.


For distros failing with the error

For Arch-based distros make sure you install ncurses5-compat-libs from the AUR.

If you really don't want to you can run: sudo ln -s /lib/ /lib/