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This is a remake of the first game I ever made, a fan game of the 8-Bit Theatre webcomic. I only made two levels and a boss before stopping (after nearly two years), and for #RemakeJam I remade those two levels using my C++ framework as opposed to Game Maker 8.

Unfortunately, time really wasn't really on my side. I could only work on this during my evenings and lunch breaks. If I had more time I bet I could add more and make it nicer, but I'm not too bothered. Doing this jam was a great trip down memory lane!

Game - Developed by Me

Sprites - Final Fantasy NES Sprite Sheets (as well as backgrounds from the original)

Music - Works from OverClocked Remix

Sounds - BFXR and Audacity

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Tags8-Bit, Remake, Shoot 'Em Up, Side Scroller

Install instructions

Running the Remake should be as simple as going to the Remake folder and running Game.exe. Only possible prerequisites are Visual C++ 2013 Runtime and OpenAL.

You can either run the original game from 2011/12 either by going to the original folder and running Original.exe. You can also run the game from inside the Remake by selecting it in the menu. For Windows 10 I got a prompt saying the build needs DirectPlay (I presume because it's a GM8 game), however you can skip the install prompt and the game should run fine.


8BitTheatre - RemakeJam.zip 30 MB

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