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Combine competitive kart style racing with roguelike gameplay and music-rhythm action, this is the experimental combination of three unlikely genres concocted at the 13th annual 7 Day RogueLike.

Reach the end of the track before your opponents to win, but be sure to stay alive because once you die then that's the end of the race for you.

  • Three race tracks, each longer and faster than the last.
  • Items to improve your chances at winning, or staying alive.
  • Moddable graphics: Choose your graphics from a selection or make your own!
  • Local Multiplayer: Up to 4 players! (requires XInput gamepads)


DungeonRacer-1.01.zip 4 MB

Install instructions

Running the Game

You should only have to click the DungeonRacer.exe to run the game. Make sure that the Assets folder is in the same location as the .exe to run.
OpenAL will need to be installed if you haven't installed it already.

Graphics Mod Instructions

One of the cool little features of this game is the ability to choose and add
your own graphics. This is a very simple process

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