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Love the fixes. I am a fan of this sim genre. Nice work for getting all this done in a jam. TigerJ:2 Kracken:0

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Hi, thanks for the linux build first of all!

On my first run I was attempting to make a big load of money then it unfortunately crashed. On following attempts, it crashed very early, for example when leaving and re-entering a port.

I hoped I could provide some helpful information by running from console, but that didnt yield any error-related info sadly.

Edit: And forgot to mention that the settings will be reset to default when I leave the settings-menu. The file permissions on the config look ok, though. I edited it directly in the end, just wanted to mention.

Now I try to get back to playing and attack some ships to see how you made the fights :D

I found a similar problem with the Linux build as well. Hopefully the dev will be able to provide a fix.


I've made a PostJam Linux build. See if that plays any better.


It does, thanks!


Yes, crashes now fixed! The game runs great so thanks very much :-)


I love the setting, and the game is quite intuitive to pickup after a few tries sailing around.  I really like the trade elements mixed with the risk of combat, which makes for a good mix of elements.

I found it quite easy to get loads of cash by finding two ports close to each other and exploiting the price difference between buying and selling.  A ship weight limit might have made this harder.

Overall a really nice entry and it would be super interesting to see where such a game could end up.

Great job.

Dammit, why didn't I think of adding a weight limit? XD


Looks interesting. Would the dev consider making a Linux build? Thanks.

I do have a Linux virtual machine, I can see what I can do.

Sounds great. I would be happy to give the build a spin.


There should now be a Linux build available for you to try.

That is brilliant, thank you! I am downloading it as we speak.