A downloadable game for Windows

A demo for a FPS concept inspired by Ikaruga.

You can only hurt opponents who has an opposite colour from you, however that makes you vunerable to those opponents with opposite colours and bullets.

You can also be unharmed by bullets and opponents with matching colours, however your bullets are inneffective on opponents with matching colours.

The main goal of the demo is to collect yellow orbs while also defending yourselves from other people and flying robots.

Controls (Mouse + Keyboard):

WASD - Move

Mouse or Directional Keys - Aim

Left Mouse Button - Shoot

Q/E - Change Colour

Space - Jump

Escape - Pause

Controls (Gamepad):

Left Analog Stick - Move

Right Analog Stick - Aim

Trigger - Shoot

Shoulder - Change Colour

A - Jump

Escape - Pause


RvB (Windows) 2 MB

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