Now On Linux!

Yes, I had to configure my code slightly and reconfigure my VPN, but now the game is playable on Linux!

As far as I know, it should run fine on Debian/Ubuntu, but let me know if there is anything like dependencies that seem off.

The Windows build has also been updated to move a bug relating to the player movement going out of bounds.

Files 6 MB
Mar 14, 2021
RogueOfSevenSeas.tar.gz 5 MB
Mar 14, 2021

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Thanks for this build. I use OpenSuSE Tumbleweed and have encountered a small problem. I selected Load Game and the game bombed out with the following error message:

malloc(): unaligned tcache chunk detected
Aborted (core dumped)

A similar thing happened when selecting Main Menu from an active session.

EDIT: After trading, the game crashed when I selected 'Back' and gave the following error message:

malloc(): unsorted double linked list corrupted
Aborted (core dumped)